How it works

Quod AI indexes Git repositories to help you find code faster

Quod AI connects to your Git repositories

  • Quod AI fetches your Git repository from its URL. Then, it breaks the repository into functions and classes. No annotations or configuration needed.
  • Quod AI indexes code using NLP and AI models trained on more than 1.6 billion lines of code.
  • Quod AI indexes and links code owners using Git metadata and related snippets using commit history.

Search code faster from VSCode, Github or Jira

  • Jump to the right code faster with auto-complete and related search queries
  • Search your code using keywords or exact code and more
  • Search unfamiliar code with fuzzy or semantic search

Find useful code summary to make the best decisions

  • Find AI generated code comments
  • Find code experts to help understand, integrate or review code.
  • Find commits that matter with commit impact score. Skip code formatting commits. No more jumping through git logs or git blame.

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