How it works

Quod AI indexes Git repositories
to automatically find the code and context you need

Quod AI connects your Git issues with your repos

  • Quod AI fetches your Git repository from its URL. Then, it breaks the repository into functions and classes. No annotations or configuration needed.
  • Quod AI generate questions and tags from code, and indexes each snippets. This is done by NLP and AI models trained on more than 1.6 billion lines of code.
  • Quod AI indexes and links code owners using Git metadata and related snippets using commit history.

Solve issues using our Github or JIRA integration

  • Go to one of your bug or feature request from your tracker (eg: GitHub issue or JIRA ticket)
  • Quod AI fetches suggested search terms from an index created when the repository was added

Find code impact and context automatically

  • Quod AI search results are enhanced from the indexing done by the AI models
  • See code impact and related code from functions often committed together
  • See code experts and owners based on the Git history and metadata

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