How it works

Search and navigate code smarter
Turns code repositories into real-time documentation

1: Add your repository

  • Quod AI fetches your Git repository from its URL
  • Quod AI breaks the repository into code snippets. We generate questions and organize  each snippets with tags using NLP & AI models trained on more than 1.5 billion lines of code.
  • Quod AI links code owners using Git metadata and related snippets using commit history.

2. Choose a ticket or issue to resolve

  • Go to one of your bug or feature request from your tracker (eg: GitHub issue, JIRA ticket, etc.)
  • Identify keywords from that bug or feature request

3. Find all the code and context in a smarter way

  • Search keywords from your bug or feature (eg: "reset password" or "user login")
  • Quickly find the code you need, browse related snippet and see code context
  • Alternatively, create a collection to share with your team

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