What are the general use cases of Quod AI?

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How many languages are supported by Quod AI?

For now, Javascript is the language of Quod AI's competency. We are just starting to disrupt the world!

More languages will be added within the upcoming month and our ambition is to cover any language developers love! Stay tuned for more!

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How many topics does Quod AI understands?

Quod AI understands almost any topic of coding! Our various AI models are trained by our engineers and deliver the best of the knowledge. More topicality is added every day and the more we deploy Quod AI, the better it gets!

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What are the general use cases of Quod AI?

Quod AI is a revolutionary platform aiming at disrupting the way developers search, think and communicate about code.

Some of our infinite use cases are:

Search Function - Support day-to-day development

Our search function enables developers to find what they are looking for instantly thanks to the code search. The query is for the first time in NATURAL LANGUAGE! This boost up the speed and productivity of their work.

Onboarding Engineers

New engineers in the company always have tons of question and do not know where to start in this million-codeline maze!

Quod AI is a personal assistant here 24/7 to help them! This reduces costs of onboarding while making it faster and smoother thanks to our contextual semantic search!


Have you ever been bothered by the hundreds of questions from your colleagues? Filter that out with Quod AI! The context given with each search and piece of code serves as contextual documentation. Empower everyone to be up-to-date with code and have the best understanding of it to leave room for greater discussions!

And many more!

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