Frequently Asked Questions

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How many topics does Quod AI understands?

Quod AI understands over 100 technical topics and over 10,000 business topics. New topics are added every day.

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How long does it take to process a repository?

The initial processing typically takes 30-60 minutes. It depends on the size of your repository. For large repositories, it can take a few hours.

Once the initial processing is complete, commits are processed in seconds or in a few minutes.

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Can we edit questions?

Not at the moment.

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Which IDEs does Quod AI support?

We support VSCode and we are rolling IDE integrations on-demand.

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What programming languages does Quod AI support?

Java, Javascript, Typescript and Ruby. C Sharp (.NET), PHP and Python are supported in Beta.

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Can we ask questions to Quod AI?

Kind of. You can submit a question like “Where is the code for login?” and it will match snippets of code that was tagged with “login” or similar topics.

Quod AI works like Google search. You can submit a question and get results but it makes more sense to search keywords.

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Can Quod AI search cross repositories?

Yes. Quod AI can search all repositories that you add to it. No need to switch between repositories.

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Do you only support GitHub?

No, we also support GitLab and BitBucket.

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Do you support on premise deployment?

Yes, we do. We are rolling out cloud support on demand.

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Can we edit tags?

Yes, you can add and remove labels. Quod AI’s Deep Learning models learn from your changes to improve its understanding of your code.

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Is my code safe and secure?

YES, it is safe and secure. Additionally, if you need to have complete control of your security, we offer a full on-premise solution (hosted on your site or in your cloud).

That being said our hosted solution has state of the art security:

  • Every connection is encrypted end to end.
  • Our cloud platform is ISO 27001 and ISO 28001 certified.
  • Our platform undergoes independent security audits.
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How many topics does Quod AI understands?

Quod AI understands almost any topic of coding! Our various AI models are trained by our engineers and deliver the best of the knowledge. More topicality is added every day and the more we deploy Quod AI, the better it gets!

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How many languages are supported by Quod AI?

For now, Javascript is the language of Quod AI's competency. We are just starting to disrupt the world!
More languages will be added within the upcoming month and our ambition is to cover any language developers love! Stay tuned for more!

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